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Use environmental management software. Specifically, look for software that is designed to handle high-volume environmental data. 

Stay on top of new environmental regulations. Follow industry outlets. 

Track all your compliance deadlines and activities in a centralized calendar. That way you'll know exactly what's due when and who's working on it. 

Shift your focus from compliance to risk. Companies can no longer rely on regulations to keep prevent an incident and meet stakeholder demands. Read more about how to make the shift from compliance to risk in this article

Train your team. Make sure employees at every level know which requirements they must follow, and what they need to report. 

Use a mobile app. Mobile apps make it possible to keep tabs on compliance tasks and activities when you're on the go.  

Automate time-consuming tasks. Automations available in EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) software can alert you to upcoming deadlines, help you follow up on compliance tasks, and make sure activities don't slip through the cracks. 

Take advantage of dashboards. Dashboards help you quickly visualize and drill down on trends and patterns in your data. 

Maintain a risk register. Risk registers use a standardized scoring system to rank enterprise risks across thousands of observations. The most successful companies we've seen use a risk register to determine which risks are most likely to occur and most significant and prioritize their risk management activities. 


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Environmental Management Enhancement by Youth-run SMEs

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