The future of
In-store farming

Fully automated vertical farming solution

World's first fully automated vertical farming unit for in-store farming.


An autonomous indoor micro farm

Indoor farming has never been easier.

Our robotic farms bring sustainable ultra fresh food production closer to consumers with more transparency while we ensure the freshness of each plant.


Hyper Local

Hyper local indoor growing 



Autonomous Harvesting

Harvest on demand


Less food miles

90% Less Transportation



Less Food waste Less Fertilizer

An Indoor Vertical Farm designed to provide the freshest produce.

Fresh  & Healthy & Safe


Farming as a Service

Farming in a store

Do you want to bring the food production closer to your customers? Do you want to provide ultra fresh locally grown herbs for your store every day? Now its possible with our fully autonomous vertical farming and hydroponic technology . We help you with everything up and all you have to do is wait for the greens to be ready and ready to eat!

Farming in a restaurant

Are your restaurant owner, who would not like to pick their own fresh vegetables directly off the shelf and bring it to the kitchen? A unique way to serve your customers high quality food straight from your own in-house farm.

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Located in Food Valley, Farmvent is revolutionizing in-store vertical farming by building cutting-edge technologically advanced farms for indoor cultivation through innovations in automation, AI and plant science.

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