A New Insight In Digital Agriculture

By understanding plants, we can predict the future!

Gaia Robotics collects and analyzes multiple layers of agricultural data with the sole aim of helping you optimize your production

Visualisation & Personalized Control

Gaia Robotics visualizes your entire production on a single screen! For the first time, agronomists and farmers acquire a complete digital agriculture toolset with unprecedented features that helps them optimize farming practices and support their decisions with fresh, accurate and complete data that weren’t available to the human eye till now.

Data Driven Precision Agriculture

Gaia Robotics helps farmers grow healthier crops of higher quality. Through our proprietary digital platform we continuously monitor all crucial farming parameters thus enabling our clients to optimize their irrigation, pollination and fertilization practices, and perfect their Pest & Disease and management protocols. We help agronomists plan with more precision, and advance their growing systems and agrotechnical procedures with confidence.

Predictable, optimized yield

With up to 98% accurate yield predictions, Gaia Robotics provides  accurate forecasts that help you remain competitive in today’s constantly shifting and extremely demanding market environment. Maximize your farming output through optimal variety allocation, planting & harvest planning, inputs selection, and procedures enhancement.

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